My now page for June 2021

1 minute read

Inspired by Derek Siver’s suggestion on keeping a “now page” updated, I have decided I will do one a month. The now page will stay in the navigation above and will be transformed into a post once the month switches, leaving room for the next month’s one. This way it’ll be useful to me to have a better idea of things I do and get interested in, and their progress; I’ll try to be disciplined with this process. So here’s what I’ve been up to in June 2021.

Work & Life

I’m changing jobs. After buying a flat, this is the second biggest piece 2021 is bringing me, and it wasn’t really planned. But I did need a change, after a wonderful experience, it was just time to continue my career doing something different.

Before starting (mid of June), I’ve been taking a break. We’re still in pandemic times, so I’m not travelling - I stayed around Edinburgh, and it’s fantastic. The weather has turned out pretty nicely, it’s been sunny all day all days since the start of June and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it by staying out a lot!

I’ve been reading, walking a lot, doing some running and exercising at the park. All in all, I’ve been enjoying nature and a bit of calm time for myself - which is what I like to do.

There’s lots of chat these days about doing what matters to you and I have to say I realised what is it that makes me feel good: being a quiet person doing simple things. I’ll try to keep this balance alive so to avoid the stress of the past.