This is the page, updated once a month quarter (it appeared to be too much to update it once a month, but the first ones have been done monthly), where I list what I’m currently up to. This idea has been largely inspired by Derek Sivers and I decided to do a new “now” page every month (quarter); the previous month’s (quarter’s) one will get posted as a post. The now page can get updates throughout the month (quarter), based on what I do/the progress, it’s a living thing - until the next month quarter. The now pages are pretty much written in a stream of consciousness way, I do not edit much - they’re meant to convey quick thoughts.

I may not even do this quarterly, I may do it once I feel there’s enough to put down as a separate post.

Data vizzing

I’ve resumed some data vizzing, this time I’m tackling D3 again. I’ve resuscitated my Observable account and started playing around there. My goal is to become good.


I’m all on Bill Bryson at the moment. I think I’ve gradually bought all his books (not that I’ve read them all, I just read my second of his books so far, but I decided to buy them all) on WorldOfBooks, which is a way to buy second-hand books, it’s pretty convenient and goes in the direction of circular economy, which I really like.

I’ve also been buying some books about data vizzing, I’m committed - it could be a new career later on, who knows.