This is the page, updated once a month, where I list what I’m currently up to. This idea has been largely inspired by Derek Sivers and I decided to do a new “now” page every month; the previous month’s one will get posted as a post. The now page can get updates throughout the month, based on what I do/the progress, it’s a living thing - until the next month.


The biggest thing this month is framing a bit better what I’m writing: a book about entering data science as a profession and working in the field. I’ve done a few drafts already (some are published here on the blog) and have started a good process of draft-creation, feedback-gathering and ideas-sharing (and I’ll stop with the hyphens now). I’m quite happy with where I’ve got to so far.


I’m still on “How democracies die” and “Jew-ish” which I started last month. No new books have been added to the “currently reading” pile (a few have been added to the wishlist). I bought “100 ways to improve your writing” by G Provost though, with the idea of using it to try getting better at writing in general.

Computer Vision and NLP

I’m keeping doing many interesting things with images and texts, mainly on using some of the newest techniques. Very interesting.


We’re waiting for IKEA to bring in stock some of the items for a hallway piece we want, no luck so far. We have alternatives but they’re less interesting - we’ll stick to the IKEA idea for a few more days and then take a call should things not get back in stock. Other than that, it’s coming to the phase of useless items (decorative ones), so will be good fun.

In all this, I’ve found again my very precious notebooks with data drawings and some recipes, together with my BBC Good Food old magazines (for my recipe crafty cut-and-paste notebooks). I thought I had lost them in the move, though that seemed insane. They were safely staying under the partner’s driving pedals (for gaming), very hidden in the mess that still some parts of the house are. I was elated when I discovered them (while cleaning).

Managing and learning

I am learning and reading a lot about managing. And I am enjoying doing it. I am in contact with people more expert than I am at this so it’s a great idea-sharing process.

Health & fitness

I currently have an annoying problem with my ear so not at the best, but generally form is good. Have not run in ages so will aim at resuming soon as temperatures get slightly warmer, but I’m doing a bunch of strength and yoga classes so I feel quite good.

Mental health & feelings

There’s a general feeling of missing home (Italy). I can’t help it and can’t do anything about it (we cannot travel where we are due to the COVID situation) so it’s just a bit hard but all will get better soon, I’m sure. It is also the British wintery grey sky that has been over my head for a long time now so this is normally the time of the year where I’m feeling a bit blue. But a few sunny days are starting to appear - spring will be great.

Data-drawing and general drawing

I’ve not done a data card (my data vizzing by hand, here) in a long time but I am currently working on one, it is on my series on climate change. The moving flat has taken most of January’s energy, alongside starting to write, so this has slipped a bit. Resuming it! I will also speak at the Edinburgh DataViz meetup at the end of the month, so I’m excited.