This is the page, updated once a month, where I list what I’m currently up to. This idea has been largely inspired by Derek Sivers and I decided to do a new “now” page every month; the previous month’s one will get posted as a post. The now page can get updates throughout the month, based on what I do/the progress, it’s a living thing - until the next month.

Data science, science, and career

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what data science means (if you monitored the previous “now” pages here you would have noticed this). I’ve been thinking about this specifically in relation to science. Which triggered lots of questions to myself as to where I really want to go with my career. I don’t have a clear answer to everything, but I think I’ve figured out a few steps towards some answers at least, and they’re good steps - there’s been lots of thinking. More on this soon.


The last thing I’ve watched, as a series, is Snowpiercer (Netflix). I found it pretty good, It’s interesting as it throws themes of democracy, equality, human rights and generally what does it mean to be human. And the main focus triggering the plot is climate change. It’s arguably quite stretched (but what dystopian show isn’t?), but very interesting. It made me want to measure how many pieces of entertainment like shows and movies, and possibly literary fiction have been produced in time on the theme of climate change - did we start progressively doing more and more, after “the day after tomorrow” in 2004?