This is the page, updated once a month, where I list what I’m currently up to. This idea has been largely inspired by Derek Sivers and I decided to do a new “now” page every month; the previous month’s one will get posted as a post. The now page can get updates throughout the month, based on what I do/the progress, it’s a living thing - until the next month. The now pages are pretty much written in a stream of consciousness way, I do not edit much - they’re meant to convey quick thoughts.

Work & Life

Busy times with work, lots to ingest, lots to learn, new habits to take in.

Data vizzing

I’m resuming some Tableau. Despite the fact that I’m continuously gasping for free time and general energies to carry out side projects, I want to improve my data vizzing skills beyond doing hand-drawing. Tableau has a great community and who knows, one day I could think of merging up data analysis skills with visual design, as I’m currently weak there.


I’m on a bunch of things (too many as always), but generally loving these two:

  • Bill Bryson’s “Notes from a small island” - it’s very fun, really
  • Jules Verne’s “20000 leagues under the sea” - classic I’d never read before, it’s so good, full of immersive descriptions and a compelling plot!


Running has resumed, without much of a bang. I’m enjoying going for a run every now and then without putting too much importance behind it - meaning, without caring for speed and length. These days I just do it as part of several other activities rather than the one thing, I just decide on the spot (and based on the weather) what I feel like doing. I have to say though, I recently went for a run and it started pouring, I wouldn’t have gone if I’d suspected it beforehand, but oh it was so liberating. Loved it.