My now page for April 2021

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Inspired by Derek Siver’s suggestion on keeping a “now page” updated, I have decided I will do one a month. The now page will stay in the navigation above and will be transformed into a post once the month switches, leaving room for the next month’s one. This way it’ll be useful to me to have a better idea of things I do and get interested in, and their progress; I’ll try to be disciplined with this process. So here’s what I’ve been up to in April 2021.

Data Science and Book Writing

I had launched a survey to my network to collect ideas and opinions for the book I’m writing about data science careers. It was a success, I think, given that so far I had 60 respondents (as of today) - way more than I’d have expected. Happy!

The book hasn’t seen any progress in terms of written stuff, but I have had very many conversations with friends and colleagues, which have majorly helped me shape my thinking more. I’ve also got to know about the great book by E Robinson and J Nolis on the same topic, so I want to obviously not repeat content. I still have to find a real lead for my book, and I’ve also been doing some reading on how to write well, so there is progress, conceptually. More on this soon - there’s been much thinking on what data science means these days and where we think the field is going - I just really need to find the headspace to put this all down in a coherent narrative and to find a good focus for my writing.


Bunch of things here, which I don’t feel like writing up publicly, but there’ll be developments soon. A lot of things (side projects I carry out) have been a bit stalled because of this.