My now page for March 2021

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Inspired by Derek Siver’s suggestion on keeping a “now page” updated, I have decided I will do one a month. The now page will stay in the navigation above and will be transformed into a post once the month switches, leaving room for the next month’s one. This way it’ll be useful to me to have a better idea of things I do and get interested in, and their progress; I’ll try to be disciplined with this process. So here’s what I’ve been up to in March 2021.


I’m currently on a few things (as books):

  • Radical Candor - this is about management (of people) and it is being extremely helpful in various ways;
  • 15 million degrees - I found this randomly via Twitter and bought it; it had been a while that I read a good scipop book;
  • Radical Focus (all about the radicality this month) - this is the book that shared the OKR business system to the world, it’s pretty good if you’ve never heard of this system


Headspace is low. I am dealing with a few things that require thinking, so the bandwidth really is short.


I am keeping up with my book about entering data science, but it’s a bit stalled at the moment in terms of written content. This is due to a combination of the low headspace (as per above) and the fact that I am taking a step back and reflecting on what shape I want to give it. I’m also gathering info from people (I’ve launched a survey for this purpose and I am talking to a few friends), which is very useful. All in all, everyone I talk to tells me it’s a great idea to write these ideas up.


I resumed some running! I’m very proud - it was quite challenging given the fact that my cardio isn’t at its best (I’ve been doing mostly strength/tone during this pandemic) but totally worth it.

Drawing and vizzing

I’ve started a little project about vizzing the topic of “women in tech/science”. The first viz, a simple one, has gone up.